Artist Alley

Artist Alley Registration for Anime Punch 2016 is officially open!
If you are interested in selling your work in our Alley this year, please email with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • A phone number you can be reached at before/during the con.
  • A prospective list of products you plan to sell
  • A link to examples of your work (such as deviantart gallery, etc.)
If you'd like to share the table with a friend, please include this information for them as well, preferably in the same email for organizational purposes.

Due to the high demand, and for the best selection and quality possible, our Artist Alley is juried. The jurying committee is comprised of several individuals of varied backgrounds, including the Artist Alley coordinator.

Our first phase of judging has been completed, and if you applied you should be getting an email shortly. If you have not yet applied, or were declined in the first round, there is a second round of judging much closer to the event. We do this so that artists who plan ahead carefully and attend a lot of cons can lock down their schedule well in advanced, but so that later submissions or artists whose previous plans elsewhere fell through can still have a shot at getting space at the event.

This year tables will cost $50. The table is six feet long, and will be available 24 hours a day. There are opportunities for discounts and rebates for contributing artwork to the convention for use in the program guide, on badges, for promotions, etc. If you are interested in this discount please let us know so that we can establish what we would like to see from you.
Note: Artists must be pre-registered to be approved into artist alley! Artist alley prices do not include a badge, just a table and the permission to sell stuff.

Additional information

Is it okay if we sell our pre-drawn art, but also take requests during the convention?
-You may sell pre-drawn art as long as it is your own, and you may also take comissions at con. Pre-drawn art can be anything from prints, original sketches, paintings, or various items with your art on them (pins, stickers, etc).

Sharing tables: Can both of us work at the same table, or do we each have to have our own?
-That's fine! Just make sure to include both of your information in the e-mail sent to artists.

Do I need to be pre-registered to apply to artist alley?
-No, at the time of application you do not have to be pre-registered for the event. However, once the selection is made you will need to immediately pre-register to keep your spot. In the event that we start pulling from the wait-list at or near the con to fill gaps, extra tables, or cancelations only pre-registered contenders will be considered.

Please email if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing your work!

There are no set artist alley hours, so you can go all night if you like!


- Original creations only. If you want to have a garage sale of your old tapes, do it in the dealers room! Burning a disc is not considered an original creation unless its content was originally created by you!

- Use common sense and remember we are the final judge of what is okay and not okay to do or sell.

- Remember the Convention Policy: "All unwritten rules are to be enforced and obeyed!"

Other than that, have fun and make lots of money!

Draw For Us?


We are always looking for more pictures of our two karate girls! If you wish to contribute, send your pictures of the girls to and if we like what we see we'll use them in our program guide, in our advertisements, on our website, or on our badges! Of course we'll check with you first and give you an art credit in our program guide. No matter what, we'll upload them to this page so everyone can see your glorious rendition of our two epic warriors!

The Girls:
Both girls are karate white-belts with a traditional karate uniform. Below are the guidelines that must be met. Otherwise, the style is up to you!

17–19 years old, straight blue/black hair. She is more serious and quiet, but by no means short tempered or angry. She uses either a long Japanese sword, or dual pistols.

11–13 years old. More energetic and outgoing, but not hyper or idiotic. Penny has brown pigtails, freckles, and a smile. She tends to tie the top for her uniform around her waist. Her weapons of choice are handfuls of knives or bombs that she flings in the general direction of whoever she is fighting.

Fanart Gallery!

Click on thumbnails for full-sized versions.

AP! Girls 1 - By Zoroko AP! Girls 2 - By Zoroko AP! Girls 3 AP! Girls 4 AP! Girls 5 AP! Girls 6 AP! Girls 7 AP! Girls 8 AP! Girls 9 AP! Girls 10 AP! Girls 11 AP! Girls 12 AP! Girls 13 AP! Girls 14 AP! Girls 15 AP! Girls 16 AP! Girls 18 AP! Girls 19 AP! Girls 21 AP! Girls 22 AP! Girls 23 AP! Girls 24 AP! Girls 25 Penny - By Savannah AP! Girls - By Sarah AP! Girls - By Mizuko AP! Girls - By Rin AP! Girls - By Sarah AP! Girls - By Pat Rogers