Swimsuit Cosplay

This is your chance to hone your craft in a new way, to explore new materials, and to figure out how to overcome new problems! Plus, this time you don't just get to show off your cosplay talents, but your physical ones as well! This contest will be held in the pool area, and if you're cosplaying you will have to get in the water!

Costume Selection: As this is a little nonstandard, we are more lax about what you can or can't do. We still prefer you stick to anime costumes, but if you don't, that's fine. Likewise, we value creativity in solving the swimwear dilemma, so you do not have to perfectly re-create a costume. For more info and examples, see this thread on the forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Neo_Battle_Peasant/index.php?showtopic=459 Costumes must be actual functional swimwear, whether it's from a real swimsuit seen in the series, a modification of an existing outfit, or the type of swimsuit that character would have worn, had they been featured in one.

Incidentally, the swimsuit must also be a costume of sorts. If you're character wears a really generic looking swimsuit and you just buy one at the store, make sure to have the appropriate hair, makeup/marking, jewelry, and maybe some prop to help identify your cosplay.

Costumes must be swimable! Don't enter your Al costume from FMA because you'll totally die!! Take this into account when choosing your fabric as well. If you gain 30lbs when wet, you've chosen poorly.

Costumes must be water safe as well! Don't use anything that will break apart and cause a mess in the pool or an embarrassing moment for yourself. Rice paper clouds on a Sexy no Jutsu Naruto might seem like a great idea, but you might want to water test it first!

Costumes must be appropriate for the hotel pool. So yes, you can show a lot of skin, but make sure that at the very least your genitalia are covered! As a side note, I would say you HAVE to show a lot of skin considering the very nature of the assignment, but in 2008 one of the winners didn't show ANY. I'm still not even sure which sex it was!

For any questions about swimsuit cosplay, inquire on the forums, or to cosplay@animepunch.org.