Master event list

Abridging Your Own Anime

The cast of A Slap on Titan brings you their foul mouthed, caffeine infused abridged series of Attack on Titan in a panel dedicated to inappropriate jokes and hilarious information.  Ever wanted to try your hand at abridging? Then look no further, as we guide you through the process from writing, recording, and producing an abridged series.  Watch as we make fun of each other and generally disrespect our friends, all while bringing you valuable information on the ins and outs of abridged anime.


A showing and discussion of my favorite AMVs of the last year. We’ll see a lot of great vidoes from a lot of talented creators and go over just what makes them so great.

Anime Family Feud

Who loves Family Feud? Who enjoy game shows? Do you want to have the chance to be on a game show? Bring some friends over for a fun game where you can have to chance to be on the our edition of Anime Family Feud. Try to figure out what the people think. This fun and entertaining segment shall bring out the laughter and enjoyment of the actual game show.

Anime Name that Tune

Guess the anime the song came from.

Ask a Punch Staffer

If you have a question for the punch staff here is your chance to ask it. Doesn’t matter what it may be about we will answer it the best we can.


Fans of Bioshock come in for this infinitely awesome panel.

Bootleg Extermination

Hey you, in the third row, that thing you spent a fortune on in dealers room looks kinda derpy, is it legit? You don't know! Then come on down to The tag is right, where our goal is to raise awareness on bootleg goods so we can totally exterminate them. If you want to protect yourself from getting ripped off, play a fun game, and win free stuff, this is the place to be!


In this event we put an entire audience in front of a screen and hit random!  We have a number of games set up to mess with the people on the otherside!  Warning: There will be dicks.

Critical Thinking

Take the con online and get exposed to a variety of different worldviews, one "Next" at a time.


Ever watched a series and thought 'Hey, that's like something I've seen before....but its like nothing I've ever seen before'? Well you probably just watched a deconstruction, or something with the elements of one. Join us as we delve into the murky waters of concept of fiction, that takes things apart, and puts them back together.


Ever think about how boring buzzers are in a trivia game show? We’re reinventing the buzz in system by making our contestants do a variety of crazy things in order to answer questions in this hilarious trivia game show.

Drinking Songs

Hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate! NO, you got your songs in my drinking! Join us as we take this winning combination, and our beautiful singing voices, to the hotel bar to perform from good olde timey drunk singing. This is not an 21+ panel, but the bar will card.

Fieldcon Survival Guide

Learn how to survive in the wilderness with your pant around your legs and a beer in your hand. Plus extra?

Flying Chariots & Dragon Kings: the Chess of Japan

Shōgi is cousin to the chess played by the West. Learn the history, evolution, and rules of this Generals' Game as well as some of the astounding variants invented by the Japanese.

Getting Into Board Games

Board games are getting bigger and bigger in this country and it is not nearly as daunting a hobby to get into as it used to be. Come on and we’ll help you find the game thats right to start you along the path to your new addiction.


Talking about the the movies Ghilbli has made.

Giant Robot Battle Safety Training

The agents of S-H-A-R-T stop by to teach you how to survive the next Robot battle.

Guts and Guts

Take a look back at some of anime's goriest moments before diving into the bloody world of Berserk. Move over Game of Thrones, you ain't got nothing on this dark fantasy.

Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is a classic internet cartoon still going strong, did you know it is still going on.

Hentai Olympics

We do not discuss the affairs contained within the Hentai Olympics.  

Interactive Japanese Fables

Any story can come alive! Join The Confused Greenies as narrated tales from Japan are acted live and improvised on the spot. Play a simple farmer, brave warrior, troublesome demon, crafty fox, or even a mighty mountain. Bring a story to share and audience participation is encouraged!

Live Action Pokemon Battles

Bring your DSs and your pokemon or just come to be a pokemon for some live battles Pokemon Go!

Local Fan Scene

Want to find fun local events? We know about some local events and even host some of our own. We want to tell you all we know about the fun events around the area. Conventions, theater showings, areas of interest. These are just some of the types that shall be talked about. Come see for more!

Magical Girls

Still sitting there waiting for your cat to break the news to you? Do you walk around town with a transformation compact waiting for your time to shine? No? Well did you at least like sailor moon when you were a kid? If you answered yes to any of the fallowing, dive deeper with me into the world of magical girls from classics like Minky momo and Sailor moon. To new takes on the genre like Madoka Magica or Yuki yuna. In the name of the moon, I might teach you a thing or two.


Come show us all you got. Have a skit you want to perform? Made your own costume and want to show it off? This is a contest to show off your skills.

Mix Tape

Music is a time machine for each person in many different ways, but let's share some of our favorites and see if you have some fellow fans of your most cherished songs or soundtracks -- the resulting compilation will be offered on the AP websites for people to enjoy!

Morning Exercises

Getting up early in the morning can be hard. Come visit us for some morning exercises to really get your blood pumping. Stretches and exercises keep you active and you will feel better after.

My Little Pony

MLP Let the games BEGIN!!!

Neo-Nippon 3 Defense Force

Travel to the world of Neo-Nippon 3 as the super senshi Team Henshin-H battle villains in these ongoing series of live-action improvised fanservice farce anime parodies by The Confused Greenies of Players' Patchwork Theatre Company!

New Anime

Whats new and exciting this last year in anime? What shows are worth checking out or just try something unique and interesting?

Pokemon/Digimon Trivia

Think you know Pokemon/Digimon? Come test your knowledge here and maybe learn something you didn’t know.

Practical Fighting vs Dramatic Conflict

Both approaches are commonly shown in movies and TV nowadays, so why one or the other? what are the consequences or benefits? are there lessons to be learned for real life as well?  bring examples of favorite scenes to share for discussion if you like!


Party music and random dancing. Come and Enjoy yourself at the RAVE!

Reclaiming Your Fandom

If you have fallen out of fandoms and are struggling to get back in or have lost your love for meme’s and want to find it again. Here is helpful guide to help you. Make meme’s without forcing them out or seeing a new outlook and a fandom you once had is what we are here to bring back to you.

Rick and Morty

Season three hype! Hype it up! Discussions on what is known for the new season and about the show itself.

Steven Universe

Let's talk Gems and then sing some Steven Universe karaoke!

The Super Dragon Ball Panel

In half the amount of time it took to defeat Frieza, we will ascend to new levels of Dragon Ball knowledge as we examine the series from its very beginnings to its exciting new developments.

Top Ten

After the rousing success last year of giving you the definitive list of the most influential anime, we are here to now give you the definitive list of the manliest men in anime. 3 people each with different backgrounds will present and argue their list of characters and at the end of the day, we will talk about some pretty manly men.

Trips and Tricks for Being a Good DM

Want to be a DM or already are a DM? Having trouble keeping a game together or making it fun for you and your players. Well I have some tips and tricks to help you along your path to becoming a good DM.


Test your anime knowledge against our resident anime sage.  

Whose Line

Widely regarded as the finest and most deranged anime improv group, our staff have travelled the nation performing this show, and we always pull out all the stop for our home con!  

Whose Line Uncensored

Widely regarded as the finest and most deranged anime improv group, our staff have travelled the nation performing this show, and we always pull out all the stop for our home con! Nothing will be sugarcoated.

Your favorite anime sucks

You like a bullshit medium that was only cool in the 90’s when it was still edgy and weird.  If you really think anime is worth a damn, come to this event and tell us your favorite anime, and we’ll tell you why it is bullshit.  Go fuck yourself.