"At the end of the journey, all men think that their youth was Arcadia"

Holiday Inn Worthington

7007 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085 United States

You may remember this as our 2014 location. I think there was also a Matsuricon there a while back.

Just the facts ma'am

  • Rooms are just $99/night 89/night
  • Parking is free
  • There is a pool
  • To make the reservations call 1-614-436-0700 and be sure to mention you are with Anime Punch and our group-code "AP9" to get put in the right part of the hotel.

More info

The hotel has a spacious restaurant and will be providing us with a special Anime Punch friendly menu that takes into account the food preferences, dietary considerations, and financial restrictions of the average anime fan!

Likewise, they have a very large bar that will be serving up the best selection of AP themed drinks yet, as well as serving as a chill place to hang out and relax between our world class events!