Anime Punch Core Mission

Anime Punch is an anime convention by and for fans of anime. Seeking to raise the bar and educate the fandom it is a college level event that provides not only deep and fascinating scholarly discussion of all things anime, but also some of the most rock solid fun and wildest parties to ever explode across the community. It is a convention who has not forgotten that it is anime that unites us all and that remains open and unbiased to all anime fandom.

We believe in the brotherhood that our fandom once had and can have again and we do all we can to promote friendliness and understanding over the beautiful face of all things anime. We stand proud to say that our panels and discussions are deep and scholarly and handled by the most eminent experts in the field. We stand proud to say that our parties are the most fun while still being safe and responsible for all of those legitimately involved. We are proud to be educated showmen and women who put all of our blood, sweat, manly tears and burning spirit in to bringing you an experience that you will enjoy and treasure. Anime Punch is about you. It is your story and you have the ability to make it as epic as you wish to it to be. Our staff is well informed and helpful, our policies place trust in our attendees and our attitude stokes the flame of creativity, shining spirit and great justice. This is what Anime Punch is about and these are the principles we stand for. All we are missing is you. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Founding principles:

  • Different - We strive to be different from other conventions. This does not often mean better, but it does mean your experience here will not be of a cookie cutter nature. Any chance we get to mess with the convention of conventions we do!
  • Anime-Specific - One of the first ways we chose to set ourselves apart from the crowd was to focus really hard on our core interest: Anime. There are many conventions in Ohio aimed at all elements of otaku and Japanophile fandom, and they are excellent. We however are focused exclusively on the primary works, the anime itself.
  • College Aged - We are open to all ages, but are focused at a college level. Our guest lists include professors, academics, and grad students. Our panels are stimulating, and discussion is never censored or restricted. At night we get wild and party harder than any other con you'll ever attend! We welcome younger and older crowds, but expect them to rise/fall to our level of discussion and attitude!
  • Music is Life - We work hard to always bring a top notch musical guest to the con. Whether it be a hard rocking band that keeps everyone jumping and moshing, or an act that is such good art that it blows a seated audience away, any band we put on stage will impress and satisfy. We will never book a mediocre act.
  • Accountability - We accept our faults and do our best to make right our mistakes. We expect our members to be responsible for their own actions as well. We do not babysit, and we do not pass the buck.
  • Controlled Chaos - Anime fans are silly. They are goofy and weird. They like doing weird things that don't always make sense. We support and encourage this!

Mission Statements

As an event that brings a lot of fans together, we feel a great responsibility to serve the fandom community as best we can.
  • United Fandom - As it stands there is a tragic amount of separatism and infighting between sects of fandom. This ends at our con. We all like anime, we should all like each other. No more cosplay drama, no more artist rivalries, no more hate towards fans of certain shows or dramas. Our event is for having a good time at, if that is beyond your abilities you need to grow up a little before getting into social situations.
  • Educating Fandom - Almost everything we do will have some educational merit to it. It is one of our highest goals to bring a deeper knowledge and understanding of anime to both the fandom community, and to the art community at large.
  • Extra-conventional Interaction - For many anime fans the only place they have to interact with other fans is at conventions or online. It is our goal to host and coordinate events throughout the year so that fans can get together more and more often! If you have an event you want announced email it to us and we'll promote it on our giant mailing list of otaku!