*Note - in the past we have given people a lot of passes for messing up. This year, with the potential to attend for free, we will be stricter about bouncing people we think will cause problems. I'm sure the recent photos from Katsu-con are explanation enough. This is an event for memebers of the anime fan community. Crashers who don't care about the future of this event or the state of fandom are not welcome! If you can't handle yourself, you'll be asked to leave.*

Our policies are not aimed at cracking down on every misdeed, nor at creating a police state. They are not a compendium of statutes and codes to keep you all walking in line and pissing on cue. Rather, they are aimed at maximizing the fun, and keeping things at the threshold of awesome.

Both our policy and our staff (including security) have a primary objective of facilitating awesome, not putting a cap on the fun or harshing the buzz.

Furthermore, we have no interest in enforcing or even reiterating local/state/national law. That's not our job, and should you break the law you'll be answering to the police, not a sympathetic convention staffer.

With that being said, we'll be fleshing out whatever few meager rules we feel the need to mention here. The program guide will have a slightly more comprehensive list of stuff, if you need it spelled out for you. Basically, though, everything falls under our core rule of:


You know what's cool and what's not cool. We expect you to be smart enough to figure out the small details. If you have a disagreement with a staffer about what constitutes being out of line, you're probably wrong and should shut up and listen to them. If you're the type of egotistical prick who thinks he knows better, head over to Con-Ops to get it sorted out; don't get yourself thrown out for fighting with someone who has no authority over policy.

The Badges:
Badges are non-refundable and non-transferable. Should you lose your badge at the con, report to Con-Ops for a new one. There will be no additional charge for a new badge.

Identifying Staff:
Staff are your friends, treat them as such! We have a saying on staff that is "The only difference between staff and attendees is they pay for a badge and we work for them". If you ever need assistance, seek out staff. Full staff will be wearing a black and red staff badge and a bright red and white arm-band. They are trained, experienced and should be able to help you with most issues. Gophers are less experienced volunteers who are not as knowledgeable but should be able to direct you if you need something. They are marked by blue trimmed gopher badges. WARNING - Not all armbands are staff armbands! Don't badger Per-sona 4 cosplayers with questions or issues! Any and all issues, questions, comments, complaints, etc. can be an-swered/resolved by Con Ops.

Lost and Found:
If you find something that isn't yours, lose something that is yours head over to Con Ops as well. If you have a missing human, head to Con Ops. If you are having a crisis of faith, gender confusion, or aren't sure if your suroundings are just a construct of your deflated ego, head to Con Ops. For the sake of emphasis I shall copy paste: Any and all issues, questions, comments, complaints, etc. can be an-swered/resolved by Con Ops.

Anime Punch considers itself an academic organization, and despite some of our baser events we ARE a symposium of professors and students who wish to exchange ideas, teach, learn, and experience some art. As such, we feel that censorship of any kind would not just be inappropriate, but insulting and unforgivable.

Considering this, no video showing at Anime Punch will be censored or carded for. Descriptions of possible objectionable content will be indicated ahead of time on both the website and in the program guide, so parents who wish to limit their children's exposure can discuss with them what is ok and what isn't. One of the video rooms will also be "kid-safe" the entire weekend, showing nothing with overt sexuality or severe violence.

The topics of discussion and the language used to discuss it will not be restricted for any panel, talk, or event at Anime Punch. It is up to the speaker to set the tone and level of their content. Obviously, some topics are more inclined to mature content than others. For the concerned parent we recommend looking through the schedule of the convention with your child in advance and laying down the guidelines. For those with disobedient children, we recommend keeping a vigilant eye on them.

Caveat hentai – We feel that no art should be censored. We show hentai late at night. We do not allow anyone under 18 into the hentai showing. Is this an inconsistency? To avoid any hypocrisy we make sure that the hentai we show can in no way be misconstrued as art. We will show the most vile, terrible, worthless, degenerate, meaningless trash that we can conjure! So no fear; there shall be no children in the hentai room, but there will be massive amounts of hilarity.

No exposed live steel. If it's in a sheath, it's ok, but don't go taking it out and swinging it around. The Anime Punch sharpness test is to put it down your pants and jump twice.

The only thing your weapon can project is an aura of cool. No gun capable of firing B.B.'s, airsoft pellets, crossbow bolts, lasers, or anything else is permitted, regardless of whether or not they have ammo. Broken toy guns, or toys that are modified to not fire are fin.. Real guns are strictly forbidden under every circumstance, even if you do have a conceal and carry permit.

Nothing "pink" may show. If you want to show off your swimsuit area swing by Con-Ops and we'll be more than happy to take a nice long look. Otherwise, keep it all tucked in, there are children in the halls and as we all know, children don't have sex organs. On that note, while we don't censor what we say during talks, please don't go shouting vulgarities in the halls. That last one isn't so much for the protection of the youth (they've heard it), but rather because only lame-ass douche-bags and immature brats play like that.

Additional Asshattery:
Don't do stupid shit that will piss off the hotel. Without a venue there is no convention.

Don't be rude or obnoxious to the normal-types. Show that we're not so low-class as to need to be a dick to people who have done us no harm and have been unfortunate enough to blissfully stumble into the Armageddicon. No one enjoys hearing the boasts of a dick with the maturity of a late-blooming 15 year old tool going on about how they "freaked out" some poor old woman who got into an elevator with them. She wasn't freaked out, she was pissed off, and you're a stupid loser. Grow up, get some class, and stop making the rest of us look like a pack of jackasses. .

For parents, more info can be found at Parent's information page.