Pre-register for whatever you feel like paying!

We still have to rent the hotel space, and there are other various expenses that go with running a convention, but we have cut things down to the point where you can pay what you want!

So what should I actually pay?

How much do you make a year? Take the numbers in front of the comma and pay us that I guess? If you flip burgers (18k/yr), give us 18 bucks. If you are a surgeon give us like 203? It's really up to you, we trust you to do us right! Really we are happy to have you, we don't want money to get in the way of people enjoying a great event!

Can I pay nothing?

Yes, but that's kind of a dick move! You really can't throw us 5 bucks towards the cause? That's like what a combo at a fast food joint costs!

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At-con registration

At con will work the same way, but we will have a fixed minimum donation cost. If you are really broke or really cheap, please pre-register.

Yes, even though you don't have to pay anything, you still need to register. For the safety of everyone at the event and for our own security and liability reasons we need to know who is there and make sure they are team players.