Current Fliers

None right now, 'haus. We'll keep you posted.

Past Fliers

AP 2006: The Armageddicon
AP 2007: Armageddicon II
AP 2008: Armageddicon III
AP 2009: Armageddicon IV
AP 2010: Armageddicon Victory
AP 2011: Armageddicon 6 (six)
AP 2012: Revoluticon
AP 2011: Armageddicon Revelations
Past Monthly Anime Adventure Fliers
Past Nerd Night Fliers

Anime Punch 2006: The Armageddicon

In 2006 we were still really new at the whole con thing, and that was reflected in our fliers. Over time we started to get them down to a science, but early on they were pretty random.

Anime Punch 2007 : Armageddicon II (2097)

In 2007 we experimented with some different ideas. Along with having informational fliers (some of which having been lost to time) we had a collection of bright, visual fliers made by modifying old propaganda posters. These fliers became somewhat classic, and many people would collect them.

Anime Punch 2008: Armageddicon III (2198)

In 2008 we didn't do a lot in the way of visual fliers. What we did have somehow managed to not back up our hard drives, so we only have two fliers available right now.

Anime Punch 2009: Armageddicon IV (2199)

In 2009 we went with what has become our standard "high" content flier design. We also introduced a high color, high action, vaguely abstract flier to put up in public areas and to catch peoples attention.

Anime Punch 2010 : Armageddicon Victory (9910)

In 2010 we stuck with a very standard but comprehensive design.

Anime Punch 2011 : Armageddicon 6 (six) (2611)

Three Fliers from 2011

Anime Punch 2012 : Revoluticon (2012)

The brand new Revoluticon made its debut!

Anime Punch 2012 : Armageddicon Revelations


Anime Punch 2014 : Armageddicon Salvation


Monthly Anime Adventure (past)

Here are past Monthly Anime Adventure promo's.

Nerd Night (past)

Here are past nerd night flyers for events that we've hosted.

Random other crap!

Stuff that wouldn't otherwise fit?

  • Armageddicon the Musical Before we had decided for sure whether or not to do the 2012 Armageddon + Revoluticon thing, we had started advertising for "Armageddicon 7: The Musical", half as a joke, half as a "let's just go for it" kind of thing. Eventually the fates pushed us to do the armageddon, but this flyer stands as a memory of what could have been (and what someday might be).

  • Columbus 2011 Once we started expanding, we started all carrying little fliers around with us. This flyer advertised the (as of this writting) stalled GAPS inner city gaming project, as well as our still active UAS Lecture series.