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Sept 20th 2014
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Naruto: Road to Ninja - Filmscreening
Aug 29th, 31st, Sept 2nd
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Aug 25th, 2014
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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Anime Punch Multipass!

The AP Multipass is an option for hard core AP fans to save a few bucks in the long run, all with the added bonus of having prestige and VIP perks!

The pass gets you top-tier access to every Anime Punch event, as well as one of every piece of merchandise we produce that year! It also gets you an automatic invite to every staff party and recreational outing we have!

The perks/value of the pass are as follows:

Armageddicon - Premium Registration
Armageddicon - Tee Shirt
Armageddicon - Shot Glass
Field Con - Conquistador Level Registration
Fieldcon Flask (included in Conquistador Registration)
Fieldcon Shirt (included in Conquistador Registration)
Fieldcon Tent Rental
Shootcon Registration - Both days registration *Bullets not included*
No cover for Nerd Night for one full year
No ticket price for any AP hosted concert
Revoluticon - Premium Membership
Revoluticon - Pint Glass
Revoluticon - Tee Shirt
3 free guest passes good for any convention we throw
Invites to all the best parties all year long and at other conventions

So, basically you save just over 200 bucks through out the year. You also never have to worry about waiting in line, nor about remembering to pre-register in time. We will contact you before each event to collect whatever info we need. When you get there, you will go to conops where your badge, merch, and a goodybag will be packed up and waiting for you. If you have a hotel room, it may even be waiting for you in your room when you check in. We will also throw you whatever perks and bonuses we come up with along the way.

To signup for your Multipass, please click here.

The technicalities:

Your pass is good for one year from when you purchase it for local events. In the event that because of an events year-to-year dates changing that your year-long timespan does not include all major events the pass automatically covers the wandering events registration as you would expect it to.
You cannot give your pass to someone else, it is for you and you only.
As with all of our registrations, there are no refunds or returns allowed. (Military and maternity exceptions withstanding)
The pass is not prorated. If you miss an event, you don't get a partial rebate.
As with any membership, it can be revoked at our discretion.


Anime Punch!
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