So You've Never Really Camped Before?

A brief guide for those who've never braved the wilderness.

Fieldcon sounds like a blast. A bunch of otaku together in the middle of nowhere, being themselves and having fun. But how does one survive without the basic essentials of such things as hot water and electricity? It's actually easier than you'd think.

First, think of your basic essentials. What do you truly need to survive? This includes such things as shelter, clothing, and food. This does not include your Nintendo DS. Here's a list of common camping supplies that everyone should bring:

Those are probably the basic essentials for any camping trip. An overly extensive list of stuff that could be useful can be found at the following link:

Remember to pack light for convenience. Tents tend to be small as it is, and unless you want to be running to your car every time you need something, it'd be a good idea to bring as little as necessary.

A note to the Adults: For those of you who will be partaking in "adult beverages" for some of, if not all of the weekend: Something we have discovered is that being outside in the sun all day without a reliable source of water is dehydrating. This means that you will get drunk a lot faster than you realize. Be sure to drink a lot of water all day, especially while drinking, and keep an extra eye on how you're doing. History has shown that if you pass out in your own vomit we just leave you there all night.

Note for cosplayers: First of all, a single cosplay for the weekend is probably fine. Don't overdo it. Secondly, make sure your cosplay isn't going to kill you. This is the outdoors. There is no climate control. It's hot during the day and cold during the night. Make sure the character you're attempting is going to work well in any condition. Yuffie would probably be fine; Alphonse would not.

If you're going to be one of those people who has to bathe, you're going to have to figure it out on your own. As the campsite is a very open area, there is nowhere to be private. There is a lake, but it is murky, questionable, and will probably make you dirtier than you are now.

For eating, don't be stupid, there is no reason for you to go hungry because you fail at cooking. Bring a cooler, at the very least, and pack it with soda, water, and some cold cuts, and make yourself a sandwich.

For other fun things to cook, check out this site: