Note! This is highly tentative schedule! We will be innovating new events up until the con starts!


Noon to 5pm- General Arrival and Set Up.
6pm- Firewood Run
9:30pm- Opening Ceremonies/Friday night fire lighting. *Mandatory*


10am- Morning Stretches and Martial Arts
1pm- Sword Football
4pm- Battle Royale
7pm- Dinner and Olympics.
9:30pm- "Closing Ceremonies", lighting of Saturday night bonfire. *Mandatory*
10pm- Saturday Night Events


10am- Morning Stretches and Martial Arts
Noon- Kubb Tournament
1pm- Tear Down and Clean Up
2pm- Final Inspection of Campsites


Fieldcon - Events

Opening/Closing Ceremonies
The only mandatory AP events. Everyone at Fieldcon gathers around for the lighting of the Friday and Saturday night fire. We stand together as brothers, equals, and heroes. Probably the only time at an anime con where you are actually together with every single attendee. Consider it a priviledge, not an annoyance.

The Building of the Tent
A fieldcon tradition. We require a large tent to take shelter under from the harsh sun. It must be built. The instructions have been burned, half the supplies trashed, additional steps taken to impead your efforts, and anyone with prior knowledge sworn to secrecy. Good Luck.

Firewood Run
To support the massive ammount of burning we accomplish in the weekend we assemble the heartiest of our troops to go in search of firewood. The mission is to return with enough material to host two massive bonfires all night long, and an additional fire to cook a hog for 24 solid hours. You will return with wood, or you will not return. Bring your axes, your saws, your gloves, your swords, and your spirit on this mission!

Martial Arts Warm-Ups
Join us for a morning martial arts warm-up. Fuck all of that yoga and tai chi crap, expect pushups, punches, and POWER!

Sword Football
Nothing is quite like tossing the ball around on a hot summer day. We added swords. Seemed like a good idea.

We will have a big pot, and somehow we will feed the masses! Bring your favorite stew ingredient to add to the mix!

Battle Royale
Exactly like the movie. Rules will be described after the start of the game.

Saturday Night Events
When the fire burns bright, we get stupid. Part of this involves mock battles and fire. Bring any weapon you like, just remember that it will be set ablaze!

Cosplay Contests
Cosplay: Rather than have a bunch of people prance up on stage, tell everyone how they made their costume, and do a little skit, we're going to put your costuming skills to the test. This will be a cosplay endurance test! You get to wear one costume the entire weekend. The costume must survive the heat, the mud, the rain, running, playing, and anything else that nature throws at us! Pretty costumes that fall apart at the seams simply won't do this time, you're going to have to make something sturdy, something that can take the heat, and still have it look awesome by the end of the weekend! As always, we need to know who the character is, so please bring a reference photo(Remember, we won't have internet access to look it up!). How we do final judging will be decided at the end of the weekend, as well as whether or not prizes will be awarded or if it is just about honor! For more info email!

Note: Cosplay requirements are NOT held to Armageddicon standards, any and all characters are valid, be they from anime, videogames, or western media. The only requirement is that the outfit is from a character, and not just a cool outfit.

The H Olympics will be present, completely Fieldcon style. Also tests of strength.

The purpose of Fieldcon is to be a Relaxicon. There's tons of hang out time, where we can pretty much screw around and do whatever we want!