Fieldcon: Location and Directions

Fieldcon will be held in the heart of AEP's ReCreation Lands in southeast Ohio. Visit the AEP ReCreation Land site for more information.

AEP ReCreation Lands
Camp A: Hook Lake
Morgan County, Ohio
(near Reinersville)

Directions from I-77:

Directions from I-70 west of Zanesville, OH:

Directions From I-70 east of Zanesville, OH:

*Note: OH-146 E through Zanesville takes a number of turns and follows a number of streets. It's relatively easy to follow the road signs, but here are the turns you will make to help you on your way:

Follow Seventh St.
Make a left onto Main St. (US-40).
Make a right onto Ninth St.
Make a left onto Marietta St.
Make a right onto Sharon Ave. and follow it out of town.