Registration is to be paid online (as a pre-reg) only! We have several options for registration, all of which give you access to all three days of Fieldcons fun and games! The more expensive options are there for people with a little extra money to spend. All surplus money will go directly to upgrading elements of the event and community services. None of it will be recycled into other AP events, covering basic expenses, or anything else like that. By our math, if you bought the 50 dollar badge we would immediately add the 25 extra bucks to a ledger that is outside the original budget for the event, and all of which will be used at buying better foods, toys, etc. than we would have originally.

$25 - For 25 bucks, you get in!

$50 - - If you buy the $50 dollar badge, you will contribute significantly more to the event.

$75 - For 75 bucks you seriously make the weekend better for everyone.

No one is exempt from paying, so there's no, "Oh well I'm a friend of so-and-so so he'll let me slide", cause no, everyone pays! This includes all staff.

Tent Rentals

We now offer tent rentals! If you want to go camping, but don't have a tent, we will lend you one! For $30 dollars we will have a tent set up and waiting for you at Fieldcon. The tents are "4 man" tents, which means they sleep 3 adult males with light gear comfortably and without any unintended spooning occuring. They will hold 4, but there will be a degree of unintended contact between people. To rent a tent, select the option at the bottom of the Registration form (the page where you type your info, not where you select your rank)

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Big Huge Notice on Why You Should/Should Not Attend:

Before registering for Fieldcon be sure to note that this is first and foremost NOT a normal anime convention. If you want dealers, videogames, lots of people, and a nearby fast food restaurant this is not your con. Remember also that when we say this is outdoors, we mean it. There are no beds, shelters or anything. Bring a tent, or sleep in a car. Pack food too, as the nearest place to get food is nearly 20 minutes away by car.

Note again that this is outside, and that if you are not physically fit enough to run around, climb steep hills, and carry heavy things you should not be here. Most of our events require you to be active, and if you're not up to the task, we can't run the risk of you collapsing on us, since the nearest hospital is far, far away, and none of us are able to receive signal from our cellphones.

Also, if you are cripplingly awkward, tend to creep people out, always seem to be in an arguement, make other people uncomfortable, don't know when to shut up, are completely full of yourself, like to talk about how messed up you are, are prone to freaking out or having "episodes", need to be watched after, cry a lot, or are just a dick in general then don't come to Fieldcon. There aren't many people here, and we are all in close quarters, so having someone around who is skilled at ruining fun could ruin the whole weekend. Take one for the team and don't come.

Fieldcon is for wild craziness and fun. If you have a poor sense of humor or have a lot of hangups, this won't be a good weekend. If you like letting loose, going with the flow, and being awesome in general, this con is for you! Fieldcon consolidates awesome people, and if you're ready for a good time, then you're ready for Fieldcon. If you're going to bitch and moan because you fell off the cliff, burnt yourself, or got bit by too many mosquitos, then you are not awesome. If you would take well to accidentally falling off a van going 60 miles an hour, then you are supremely awesome. Remember, this is the con where multiple people hit their own dicks with hammers, we are indeed bad dudes!

Last, but not least, Fieldcon is an 18 and up con. Email info @ animepunch.org for our opinions on things, additional info, or to beg for exceptions.