So what does this have to do with anime?

This is a fishing trip, right? How on Earth are you going to make that anime centric?

How couldn't we?

Lets take this back a step. You go to anime cons, right? You would never be checking out Fish-con if you didn't. How long has it been since you've sat down and had a really long talk with some strangers about the latest anime? Or compared old favorites? Or debated a long standing fan theory you've held with someone who has long held a completely counter one?

Been a while, right? Odds are you've hung out with the same friends you always do, go to a few select panels, not really engaged in them, and if you do hang out with new people it's pre-filtered groups of like-minded fans (Like that Hetalia crowd you saw a few years back, or the ever-present mecha fans, or maybe you only ever talk about Eva).
Hell, it might have been years since you really sat down and got into a new anime.

Well, now you're stuck sitting next to some stranger for hours with nothing else to talk about than anime!

Here is the true brilliance of Fishcon. Everyone going has collectively aggreed that they want to meet new people, talk about anime, and relax while fishing all day long. We could talk about other things, but we won't. We all could go fishing any time (it is like the easiest thing in the world to do), but this is our chance to really get back to basics, meet a few new people, and talk about anime all day long. Just like we did with our friends when we first got into all this.

On top of a chance to return to basics, this also gives us all an excuse to get on the same page! We'll be posting a list of conversation prompts and recommended viewings to study up on before the con so we can really make the most out of all of this!

Anime to discuss:

- Attack on Titan

- SAO 2

- Ghost in the Shell Arise

- Evangelion Reboot

- Space Dandy

- Also whatever!


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