Fishcon events will be a bit different than other conventions. Normal cons (like Armageddicon) have a plethora of events going on at once and people mill about to whatever strikes their fancy. Even cons like Fieldcon which only have one thing going on at a time do not have any real reason for everyone to be involved at any given time. Fishcon is going to be different.

Tentative Schedule:

It is seriously worth noting that because we don't have totally fixed areas, and just general rally points that punctuality is critical. It will be very difficult to find the group if you miss the rally time.

If you are only coming for part of the day, show up to one of the Rally points at the designated time

You will be able to identify staff as they will be wearing AP Tee-Shirts (Red breast logo, anime characters on the back).

If you are lost, you can reach us by telephone at 704-848-6326

**We will have a small boat available to us. Durring any general fishing time slot we may use it to take small subsets of humans to an area in the middle of the lake that has good Crappie, Carp, and (for the bold) Muskie**

7am - 8am - Rally up! Orientation!

  • Meet at the Marina
  • Go over agenda/ schedle
  • Fishing 101

8am - 12pm Fishing!

We will shuttle to the Howard area, which is particularly good for catfish and carp.

12pm - 2pm More Fishing!

At this point we will meander to the creek to try creek fishing and crawdad hunting.

2pm - 5pm - Rally up! Dicking Around!

Here we will rally up at Cheshire Market.
  • There we will immediately grab lunch at Cheshire Market (they have good pizza)
  • Rearm our bait/supplies
  • Fishcon-Challange Mode! Contests and the like!
  • Light fishing for just about anything

5pm - 9pm - Fishing Adventure

We will chart off into rougher, less travelled terrain. Last chance to land a big one!

9pm - Final Rally - Enjoy the catch!

We will return to Cheshire to lock down a couple of grills to cook up our catch. Whatever we don't grill we'll throw into a big pot of Gumbo (in case you did not know, AP staff can make anything taste awesome in "Giant Pot of Stuff" form). We will also decide who has won the official challenges of Fishcon:
Biggest Catch
Most Species Caught
Best Feat

(Plus anything else we come up with while there)

All this is most likely permanent but subject to adjustments, so keep posted!

Don't forget to check out the "Anime?" section. It's surprisingly important to the theme and flow of this con.


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