Fishing Gear

This is probably the only anime convention on the planet where things other than pants and an identifying badge are required to participate in the events. Below is a list of gear you need/want/might want/don't want.


Required Tackle

  • A Pole - You will need a rod and reel of some sort. If this is the only time you're going to go fishing, or you don't mind fishing for small stuff then then go ahead and grab any cheap-o pole at Wal-Mart. If you plan on fishing more often, or want to try fishing for bigger stuff a larger rod and reel may be required. That being said, unless you're a seasoned angler and know you prefer bigger rods, you will not need anything more than medium action pole, and 6-8ft in length. All this info should be on the pole, and is only needed if you're going to continue fishing and you're fishing for bigger fish. Our resident angler recommends open face (also called spinning reels) over closed face or bait casters. Close face reels are super easy to cast, but they tend to break easier and are harder to fix. Open face reels are sturdier and easier to fix when they break, otherwise performances is about the same. Bait casters preform super well, are fairly easy to fix, but they are hard to learn to cast and they are expensive. If you do not know the difference between these reels, google them.

  • A Fishing License - This is absolutely required (assuming your between the ages of 16 and 65). Fishing without a license is poaching, and you must be able to present your license to any warden upon request. All year fishing licenses are $19, one day passes are $11. You can buy them at any sporting goods store, most box stores (Wal-Mart, Meijer, Target, etc) that have a sporting goods section, any bait and/or tackle shop, marinas or online through the ODNR (information on all ways to buy a license are available here)

Slightly Less Required Tackle
Someone will have extra of this stuff, but we encourage everyone to bring their own.

  • Line - If you're buying a rod and reel combo, it is very likely that the line on there is perfectly ok. You will probably want to have a little extra though. When buying line consider the size of your reel, heavier line will be thicker, and therefore take up more space on your reel and you be able to put less on. If you're just fishing for little fish consider line in the 4-6lb range. If you want to go after catfish, larger bass, etc. you will heavier line, consider 8-12lb line. If you're going to fish for big cats, or muskie, or anything else really big and heavy, consider 12-20lb. To the best of anyones knoweldge there is nothing in Alum that will require heavier than 20lb line. For our purposes in Alum, monofilament line is better than braided or anything else. Color matters very little. As far as brand, it's hard to go wrong with Trilene, or Berkly, but anything will do.

  • Terminal Tackle This includes: sinkers, swivels, hooks, bobbers. You will need all of these, and you will probably need extras, because you will lose them from time to time. This seems like a lot of stuff, but none of this stuff is expensive.
    • Bobbers - If you have never fished before bring bobbers, if you have fished before and like the option of having bobbers, bring bobbers, if you would rather tightline all day, then you do not need bobbers. Any type of bobber will work.
    • Swivels - For swivels, size doesn't matter too much, consider smaller ones for smaller rods/reels, and bigger for heavier rods/ reels. These are far and away the most optional piece of gear on this list, and not having any won't keep you from fishing.
    • Sinkers - For sinkers just about anything will do. Specific rigs require specific sinkers. If you don't care about what you catch any type of sinker will work. If you're going to target specific species of fish, do some research and find out what rigs are popular. Again lighter sinkers for smaller poles, and heavier ones for larger poles.
    • Hooks - As far as hooks go, standard shank hooks will do just fine. Smaller hooks for smaller fish, bigger hooks for bigger fish, 3/0 size is as big as you will most likely need.
    • Lures - These are optional. If you want to use lures, or learn to use them, bring some. If you're new to fishing, we wouldn't recommend them. Which lures you'll want will vary from species to species.
    • Bait - There are lots of baits you can bring. Again, if you are targeting a specific fish buy bait to match. Otherwise, little fishes, blood bait, stink bait, or the good old fashioned worm will do. Bring a lot, we have a long day of fishing.

Good Stuff to Have

  • A knife - If it cuts stuff it's fine. We'll have a quality fillet knife on hand, but with all the cutting there is to be done, everyone should have their own.

  • Pliers - Sometimes it's easier to take the hook out of fishes mouth with pliers. Basically required if you're fishing for anything with teeth (Musky etc)

  • Lantern - Pretty self explanatory, not needed unless going at night

  • A Towel - Good for grabbing fish like catfish that can "sting" wiping bait/ fish goo off of your hands, sitting on wet ground (alternatively chairs are good for this too)

  • Tackle Box - So you can carry all this stuff

  • Bug Spray, Sun Screen - Mosquitos are always a problem near lakes. Alum has ticks too, so be weary of that. The sun reflecting off the lake is good way to get sunburned real quick, even if you don't burn easy.

  • A portable cooler - We'll be out all day, and if you want to keep a beverage or snacks on hand, grab one of those small, locking cooler with the handle on top so you can easily carry it through the woods

  • Boots - You're going to be walking through tall grass, brush, and deep mud. Also grab a change of socks or two too because invariably you'll step in a creek or something at some point.

Stuff to NOT bring

  • DS/Vita/Smart Phone Games - We're here to talk anime and catch fish, not get wrapped up in Cat War 2, Temple Run, or Coin Dozer.

  • Cocaine - It does not work as good as it does in King of the Hill

  • Explosives - We want to do this too, but there are just too many people at Alum lake for us to get away with this. We will likely try different lakes for different Fishcons, so if you ever see this item disappear... you'll know what to do.

Rod and Reel - Buy THIS
Tackle - Buy THIS or THIS.
And get some fucking worms.

The master-ball of fishing.

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