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Artist Alley Registration for Revoluticon 2012 is officially open!

If you are interested in selling your work in our Alley this year, please email artists@animepunch.org with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • A phone number you can be reached at before/during the con.
  • A prospective list of products you plan to sell
  • A link to examples of your work (such as deviantart gallery, etc.)
If you'd like to share the table with a friend, please include this information for them as well, preferably in the same email for organizational purposes.

Due to the high demand, and for the best selection and quality possible, our Artist Alley is juried. The jurying committee is comprised of several individuals of varied backgrounds, including the Artist Alley coordinator.

The selection process will happen in two waves. The majority of the artists will be chosen in the first wave, this gives an upperhand to the artists who plan ahead well in advance. A reserve list will be populated from that date forward of both artists who did not get selected in the first wave, as well as any artists who submit their data after the first date. Three weeks before the convention five more artists from the reserve list will be approved for tables. If there are no-shows at the convention we will contact additional members of the reserve list to fill the spots. The deadline to submit your information for the first round draft is 11:59PM on Jan 25th. The final deadline of ALL applications is February 25th.

This year tables will cost $50. This price includes a table and one (1) badge, if you need additional badges let me know and the price will increase by $25 per additional badge that you need. You will receive your badges from the Artists Alley Coordinator when you are assigned a table at the convention. The table is six feet long, and will be available 24 hours a day. There will be a $15 dollar discount for contributing artwork to the convention for use in the program guide, on badges, for promotions, etc. If you are interested in this discount please let us know so that we can establish what we would like to see from you.

Additional information

Is it okay if we sell our pre-drawn art, but also take requests during the convention?
-You may sell pre-drawn art as long as it is your own, and you may also take comissions at con. Pre-drawn art can be anything from prints, original sketches, paintings, or various items with your art on them (pins, stickers, etc).

Sharing tables: Can both of us work at the same table, or do we each have to have our own?
-If you sign up together, you will be sharing a table. Just make sure to include both of your information in the e-mail sent to artists. We sell each table individually, so if you would like to have your own tables you will both have to purchase one and will be judged individually instead of as a group.

Do I need to be pre-registered to apply to artist alley?
-No, at the time of application you do not have to be pre-registered for the event. However, once the selection is made you will need to immediately pre-register to keep your spot. In the event that we start pulling from the wait-list at or near the con to fill gaps, extra tables, or cancelations only pre-registered contenders will be considered.

Please email artists@animepunch.org if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing your work!


- Original creations only. If you want to have a garage sale of your old tapes, do it in the dealers room! Burning a disc is not considered an original creation unless its content was originally created by you!

- Use common sense and remember we are the final judge of what is okay and not okay to do or sell.

- Remember the Convention Policy: "All unwritten rules are to be enforced and obeyed!"

- This year the Artist Alley will have its own room, and as such can be locked. This is the first time we have handled AA in such a way. As such, at the onset of the convention we will take a survey of the artists present to estiblish hours of operation for the room, or (if agreed upon) to simply never close and lock the room.

Other than that, have fun and make lots of money!


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