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Master Event List

Here shall stand a listing of all events held at Anime Punch: Revoluticon 2012!
Main Events Panel Programming

Main Events

(Ordered Chronologically for Her Pleasure)

Opening Ceremonies 4:00pm Friday
The Obligatory opening of the convention! Come get an introduction to this years event, guests, and staff!

Adventure! How to have a fantastic convention 5:00pm Friday
Are you new to conventions? Do you sometimes have trouble finding fun? Do you want to be involved in all these great shenanigans your friends tell you about? Then show up and learn how to have yourself the best convention you possibly can.

Battle Karaoke 6:00pm Friday Custodians of Otakudom
Back by popular demand! Gladiatorial combat, Karaoke singing, and trading card games; three things that have gone hand in hand since the time of the ancients. Come join this high energy, high volume event which puts control in the hands of the audience as three teams battle for supremacy in a rocking showdown.

+2 Comedy 8:00pm Friday +2 Comedy
Come see the bad boys of nerd comedy as they preform their stand-up comedy about video games, comics, D&D, movies, and all things nerdy. Also bring you questions for the nerd Q&A and +2 comedy will settle any nerd debates you may have. Maybe we will learn who will win in a fight between R2-D2 and GLaDos or who is hotter Princess Peach or that blue chick from 5th element. First 100 people get double EXP.

Whose Line is it (not?) Anime 9:00pm Friday
The pseudo-anime con take on the classic comedy improv show. Our cast will act out scenes and skits based on audience provided variables. Basically the funniest thing we do. In case you need credentials, we are the guys you'll see on stage at most of the other cons around doing this.

Weapons Demonstration 11:00pm Friday
The sword crafters from Dragon Song Forge (as featured in our dealers room) will be showing off their handywork with a live cutting demonstration. Expect lots of sword-type stuff to happen!

Hentai Olympics Midnight, Friday
What happens at the Hentai Olympics, stays at the Hentai Olympics.

Hollywood Squares Noon, Saturday
A complicated variant of the classic TV gameshow designed to not just entertain, but test contestants real trivial knowledge on a wide number of fandom subjects of interest

Triforce Challenge 1:00pm Saturday
Our most abitious and challenging gameshow to date! Teams of 3 compete in a Legend of Zelda themed physical game show. Challenges include swords, slings, lasers, climbing, falling, physical strength, endurance, and the ability, tenacity, and desire to win at all costs!

Wario Ware 2:00pm Saturday
It's like a gameshow for people whose ADD is so crippling that they would never make through a full gameshow otherwise. Nearly everyone will get a chance to play and compete for prizes in this spastic, quick-draw compendium of minigames!

Fight Club 3:00pm Saturday
A cosplay centric physical event! Our games master will select characters from the audience to fight (in character) for his amusement. The victors take their glory to valhala, the losers take their wounds ot the infirmery!

Cosplay Contest 5:00pm Saturday
Sometimes people who dress up want to win token awards and prestige for their efforts. This is that place. Also, there is a whole page dedicated to explaining to this. You can find it in the menu to your left!

Variety Hour 7:00pm Saturday
A smattering of skits, performances, and oddities for your amusement. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll... actually there is really no way you're going to cry.

2d6 Concert 8:00pm Saturday2d6
2d6 is a remarkably proficient nerdcore rap act from this fair state of Ohio. They put on one hell of a show, so come out and jump around!

Dance 11pm:00pm Saturday
Much like cosplay, there is a whole page for this available to you on the menu to your right. Unlike Cosplay, we're known for having really great raves. The dance will go on as long as there are bodies moving!

Karaoke Quest Noon, Sunday Custodians of Otakudom
Harmonia is a world of dragons and sorcerers, where what we know as magic they know as Rock and Roll. Dark forces threaten Harmonia, and the land cries out for heroes. Join us in a fantasy adventure, where YOUR decisions affect the outcome of the story. Karaoke Quest is an all ages, all audience participation event which requires singing, cheering and defeating the forces of Evil. Each Chapter of Karaoke Quest builds on the previous, but also stands alone as a musical journey to a land in need of heroes.

Otakudom, Life, and Philosophy 2:00pm Sunday
Back by popular demand, this introspective look at otakudom and its place in our real lives outside of the con will address our habit and/or lifestyle's place in the real world.

Closing Ceremonies
Parting is such sweet sorry.

Panel Programming

(Sorted Alphabetically for His Pleasure)

A Pokemon meta gaming how to Saturday 12:00 PM - Panel 3
The Pokemon meta game changes on a fairly quick basis. As with many other meta games it tends to be very centralized. In order to be successful in the meta game you need to be adapt quickly to new changes and be able to handle what is popular at the time. This panel will discuss how to build Pokemon that are capable of holding there own in the meta game scene. We will also list common meta game formats

Actual science in fiction Saturday 2pm, Panel 3
A look at the use of science in fiction from the good to the bad, real life super science that has been inspired by fiction, and a look at the coolest scifi tech that is currently being researched from the lhc, to the invisibility cloak.

Adventure Time: After the Great Mushroom War Sunday 1pm, Panel 1
An open discussion about all the things we love about adventure time, the background elements that add depth to the show, and where we hope the show goes from here.

Artist Panel Saturday 7pm, Panel 2
A must-attend for any aspiring artist, whether they aim at professional or amature illustration, design, or animation. We will be joined by a professional animator who will discuss technique, portfolio, the need-to-knows about art-schools, and the actual job market. Come to learn both about how to improve your art, and to improve your prospects as an artists.

Avatar: The last airbender Saturday 9pm, Panel 2
In the wake of the giant sucking that was The Last Airbender movie, this panel talks about why the original A:TLA was awesome in loving detail. Hosted by an actual Asian person who spotted all the cultural research and martial arts accuracy!

Behind the Sofa: Nightmare Fuel in New Who Saturday Night 1am, Panel 3
The modern series of Doctor Who has succeeded in introducing us to aliens both terrifying and cheesy. This panel explores some of the best… and the worst.

Beyond Gojira: Kaiju monsters Saturday 5pm, Panel 3
Do you love Godzilla? How about Gamera? Do you know where these monsters came from and why they periodically destroy huge amounts of Tokyo? If you know the answers to these questions or not come join our panelist as they delve into the exciting world of Kaiju!

Blitzball Friday 9:00 PM - Pool
Our very own Blitzball game makes a return once again for Revoluticon.

Board Games Saturday 12pm, Panel 3
Despite this being a digital age, there is still joy in gathering a few friends, opening up a box and playing with the little plastic pieces inside.

Branching out from D&D Saturday 1pm, Panel 3
This is a look at the world's oldest and most popular tabletop role playing game and how it compares to the genre it spawned. Come join our experts as they compare a variety of different games and maybe find a new favorite!

Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Saturday 5pm, Panel 2
Were the characters in Ed Edd and Eddy actually dead children in purgatory? did the cast of land before time die at the end with the great valley being heaven? Is the cast of spongebob personifications of the seven deadly sins? In this panel we will be discussing the most popular and well thought out conspiracies about the themes behind everyone's favorite cartoons.

Competitive gaming scene Saturday 7:00 PM - Panel 2
What's going on at the highest levels of the most skilled gamers? Check out this panel to find out - from amateur tournaments to professional gamers.

Costuming out of T-shirts Saturday 11:00AM - Panel 1
This panel is about deconstruction of old tee-shirts to make something new. You can learn how to make several costume peices as well as everyday clothing and even a bikini! Even if you dont have a sewing machine or if you don't know how to sew, I will have some no-sew options as well as a short sewing tutorial. This is a cheap way to make some cool clothes, please join us!!!

Chatroulette Smarts Sunday 1am, Panel 2 +2 Comedy
It is a +18 game show. We ask an relatively easy question like, "Bruce Banner is better know as who?" Sure you may know the answer but that is not important. We are going to ask a random person on chatroulette the question and the contestant must guess if the person will get it wrong or right. Do to the content on Chat-roulette this must be a +18 panel.

Competitive gaming Saturday 8pm, Panel 3

Costuming out of T-shirts Sunday 2pm, Panel 2
This panel is about deconstruction of old tee-shirts to make something new. You can learn how to make several costume peices as well as everyday clothing and even a bikini! Even if you dont have a sewing machine or if you don't know how to sew, I will have some no-sew options as well as a short sewing tutorial. This is a cheap way to make some cool clothes, please join us!!!

Creating Your Own Video Game Saturday 3pm, Panel 2
The Development Team at BakaMo Studios invites you to join them as they chronicle their experiences developing their first Indie Video Game. We'll talk about how we planned to make a video game, and how the game somehow got finished in spite of that. If you've wanted to make video games, or wondered how it's done, we'd like to see you there.

Dating and fandom Friday 8pm, Panel 2
How do you talk to that cute Yuna cosplayer sitting by herself? How do you approach that hot Dante swarmed by fangirls? How can I talk to someone without coming off as a creeper? We will answer all these questions and many more as we go over the dating habits of otaku and ways to talk to the opposite sex.

Deconstructing Deconstructions Saturday 2pm, Panel 2
What makes a good deconstruction different from a bad parody? From the Superhero comics to action/adventure movies, to musicals, to children's cartoons, deconstructions parodies and gritty reboots are all over the place. We want to explore when something stops being a parody, or a reboot of a subject, and becomes a deconstruction. One thing for sure, the best ones are the ones that hold true to their source material, and are definitely a product of love for that material, not hate.

Dick moves in Gaming Saturday 1pm, Panel 2
So, you're playing an awesome and having a great time when all of a sudden some sort of obstacle or enemy gets thrown in your way. No problem, you got this. At least that was your initial thought on your first attempt, but around the 100th it's more like "FRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUGUGGGGGHH!!". We are here to talk about those moments that has made you rage through gaming history!

Digital Dungeoneering Sunday 12pm, Panel 1
Come one come all and witness the finest in techno-wizardry. We'll be discussing the use of computers and technology in your tabletop RPG games. Ranging from android tablets to overhead projectors and infrared cameras, we will discuss and demonstrate how to integrate these technologies into our traditional pen and paper pastimes.

Dead Town Friday Midnight Panel 1; Saturday Midnight Panel 1 Custodians of Otakudom
The Outbreak has begun. Can you survive in a zombie filled city gone mad? Dead Town is a cooperative experience in multimedia survival horror. Work together, make decisions, kill zombies, and escape Dead Town… if you can. Powered by the Modular Adventure System (MAS), every session of Dead Town is unique with outcomes dependent on the audience. The zombie apocalypse atmosphere is best experienced by participants 13+ with a desire not to be eaten.

Drinking Songs Friday 10pm, Panel 2; Friday 11pm, Bar
Come learn fun songs from delightfully nerdy sources in the panel room and then parade on down to the hotel bar and sing them as loudly and proudly as you can with Anime Punch Staffers. There is no age limit on this event, but the bar will card anyone trying to buy drinks. Come out and enjoy the Anime Punch Drinking Songs experience!

Dungeon Mastering 101 Sunday 11am, Panel 3
Don't know how to deal with "that guy"? Can't seem to keep everyone focused? Come listen to the experts give some DMing tips and advice that could come in handy to the new and experienced alike.

Evolution of American animation Sunday 12pm, Panel 2
From the earliest silent black and white cartoons, to the golden age of cartoons, the collapse of the animation industry in the 50s, the resurgence of animation in the 90s, and finally to today the major defining elements from social factors, to era defining cartoons, and technology advances will all be looked at in depth in this highly academic and surprisingly interesting panel.

Evolution of Final Fantasy Saturday 7pm, Panel 3
Was it 4? Or was it 2 that had five members in the party? Was is 3 or 6 with the opera? Where did the name Final Fantasy even come from? Whether you have been a fan of the franchise from year one, or are just now getting into it, come on in and sit a while while to explore how the series has changed throughout the years.

Evolution of the controller Saturday 10pm, Panel 2
In gaming nothing is more important that the controller - it has to be comfortable, quick, and most of all accurate. Any failure in the controller design spells failure for the system. So where did all of the controllers of today come from? Join this conversation and see the history that will decide the future, in connectivity with gaming.

Evolution of Touhou Sunday 2pm, Panel 3
Bullet hell meets cute girls. Why has this become so popular? And how has it changed?

Fanfiction 201 Friday 5pm, Panel 3
For those who've already dipped their toes into writing fanfiction and want to know a bit more! Topics covered will be talking about fanfic with non-fans, when to take trolls seriously, and other such important topics.
For those who've already dipped their toes into writing fanfiction and want to know a bit more! Topics covered will be talking about fanfic with non-fans, when to take trolls seriously, and other such important topics.

Fantasy literature Saturday 11am, Panel 3
Have you ever wanted more from the fantasy genre than just the same old sword and sorcery crap you've seen for 15 years? Are you tired of seeing generic books that all read the same? Then this panel is for you. We're covering the books that shape and break the mold for the genre, and looking at series with more depth and nuance than you're average fantasy book.

Guilty Pleasures Saturday 8pm, Panel 2
Sometimes we just enjoy bad movies. Sometimes there are horrible shows that are painfully popular. Sometimes we have to get together and have a pretentious discussion about why we love this crummy entertainment, and why some horrid movies and shows are so successful.

Harry Potter fandom Friday 6pm, Panel 1
The fandom that started its own musical movement. The fandom that fights against cancer. The fandom that created its own sports. The fandom that enjoys eating books. If you love Harry Potter and have not discovered the world of its fandom, come see what you could be a part of.

Hole in the WallPool
The crazy Japanese game show makes its debut at Revoluticon. You will be challenged to contort your body into bizarre shapes

Homestuck Saturday 10pm, Panel 1 Analytical Couch Potato

Horror video games Sunday 12am, Panel 3
Come join us as we examine the horror video game genre throughout the ages, including the first ones attempted and produced, the ones that became the most popular and hit the hardest, and the most recent ones that are coming out now.

How Hentai lied to me Sunday, 12am, Panel 2
An in-depth talk about how abstinence-only sex ed in school and massive amounts of anime porn on the Internet shaped one girl's views on sexuality. NOT 18+ because everyone should hear this, or at least come over and laugh.

Hunger Games Sunday 11am, Panel 1
Beyond the Games, the love triangles, and the flamboyant characters, there are serious issues presented in this popular book series. Come discuss the politics, the tragedies of war, Katniss and Peeta's PTSD and the parallels to modern society (among other issues) in this roundtable panel.

Idol Singers in Media Saturday 12pm, Panel 2 Patrick Drazen
Estemed Japanophile and author Patrick Drazen discusses the bidirectional influences that Japanese pop idols have on Japanese and global media and vice versa.

Internet Memery Friday 11pm, Panel 2

Game of Thrones Friday 11pm, Panel 3
An entertaining and educational discussion on the books and TV series Song of Wind and Fire

Gank Mid: League of Legends Saturday 4pm, Panel 1
League of Legends is the fastest growing online game out there right now and as such we at Anime Punch has mastered it. Join our team as we discuss the meta, make fun of your favorite champions, and give you some general tips to make you a better player.

Japanese Fetishes Saturday 11pm, Panel 2 +2 Comedy
Japan is strange. Like super strange. Like you can't even understand how strange it is unless you do something crazy like turn off the safety search on Google. Don't worry though. +2 Comedy has already done that for you, so that you don't have to have a compute full of spyware! Come learn about such fetishes as public transportation, goo, giants and many others.

Japanese Ghost Stories Saturday 7pm, Panel 1 Patrick Drazen
Suicides, dejected women, murderers, and floating umbrellas. Heavily featured in both western and eastern media, ranging from Anime to blockbuster hits, Japanese Ghost stories date folklorically to the 7th century and have been a major part of Japanese story telling ever since. Be it in modern movies like "The Ring" or Edo period Kabuki dramas, these stories have stood the test of time and continue to be reincarnated again and again.

jpop/jrock Friday 8pm, Panel 1
Japanese and Korean music and dance styles have found their way to America to an overwhelming response. Come discuss your favorite bands, find out about the most popular girl and boy bands, and learn about the history of their rise to fame in America.

Kingdom Hearts, explaining the plot Friday 5pm, Panel 2
Ever wonder where the canon ends and the fanon begins? Come and see the whole storyline that has been revealed in English up till now, presented in chronological order!

Language in Fandom Friday 8pm, Paenl 3
The development of memes and nerd culture has affected and influenced language both on the internet and in real life. Find out where and how certain phrases started, and why they ended up in your everyday language.

Losing Weight the Otaku Way Saturday 12pm, Panel 1 Lawrence Eng
Otaku are known for many passions, and for delving into them with great energy and dedication! Why not make physical fitness one of them?

Manga and why teenage girls love it Saturday 3pm, Panel 1 Kay Clompton
Manga has grown to be a global phenomenon as one of Japan's most important exports. Meanwhile, manga has maintained a level of popularity with female readers in the U.S. This panel will explore why manga is so popular with female readers, looking both at when it began to attract female readers, and why it continues to be popular.

Making Your Nerd Job A Reality Friday 5pm, Panel 1 +2 Comedy

Minecraft Saturday 6pm, Panel 1 A discussion on both the technical aspects of Minecraft and its position as one of the foremost player-driven game development cycles.

Morton's List

New 52 - DC Rebooted Friday 7pm, Panel 2
In 2011 Dc comics cancelled all of their then currently running comic books, and launched 52 new titles in their place. We will be discussing what changes have been made to the DC universe as a result, which titles you should be reading, and will be debating to what extent this is a valid artistic movement and to what extent it is merely a gimmick.

Nightmare fuel in cartoons Saturday 11pm, Panel 3
It has been said that one does not fear the dark but what is in it. In this panel we will be discussing all of the things that haunted our nightmares as kids, watching video clips of the scariest scenes from your favorite cartoons, discussing why they are scary, and remembering the terror that was induced by simple children's cartoons.

Office Hours: L. Eng and P. Drazen Saturday 8pm, Panel 1 Patrick Drazen Lawrence Eng
Lawrence Eng and Patrick Drazen are two of the smartest academics in the areas of Japanese culture, anime, and otaku culture. Come to their office hours to pick their brains and get the best answers to any question you've ever had in these vast topics.

Otaku Culture: More than just anime Friday 9pm, Panel 2 Lawrence Eng
Most people think of otaku as simply being fans of anime and manga, but there's much more to it than that. Join otaku studies scholar Lawrence Eng as he breaks down the origins of "otaku" (before the word was used to describe anime fans), the historical conditions that gave rise to otaku culture, and what it means to be an otaku (of any subject) in the 21st century. As always, the most uber-otaku among you will have a chance to win some prizes at this panel

Otaku's Utility Belt Sunday 11am, Panel 2
What are the tools of the trade for any self respecting otaku? What knowledge, impliments, and attitudes should you equip to yourself before heading out into the vast, cruel world?

Philosophical Elements of Comic Books Sunday 2pm, Panel 1)
Their stories are told thousands of times in hundreds of ways, they are loved by millions if not billions world wide but what is it about these characters that make them so universal and timeless? In this panel we will break down everyone's favorite heroes into the basic and meaningful elements that make them so beloved.

Philosophy in Video Games Friday 6pm, Panel 3
Philosophy creeps into many of our most treasured medias, even if you don not realize it. The amount of philosophy the average gamer intakes is usually higher than other medias due to the story telling elements that are present within a game. Find out what you already know or what you may have missed.

Quidditch Saturday Noon, Outside OSU Quidditch
Come play Quidditch, sans the flying part!

Religions showing up in Media Saturday 9pm, Panel 3

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast Friday 9pm, Panel 1 Fishnet Mafia
Columbus's very own Fishnet Mafia performs a rowdy, raunchy shadowcast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Warning: contains both mature and immature content!

Star Trek vs Star Wars Saturday 9pm, Panel 1
A discussion of the differences between the two collossal franchises. We won't be putting the Enterprise against the Millineum Falcon, but we will compare lightsaber battles to the Dominion War, and why the differences are important.

Star Wars: Outside the movies Saturday 11am, Panel 1
Come explore with us the galaxy far, far away. Long before the rise of the galactic Empire and long after its subsequent fall. Where we'll go delve into love and hatred, the new faces of the Republic and the darkness that still threatens to overwhelm peace. A new Jedi order is formed, and betrayal runs rampant as the young government struggles to maintain afloat, and how the characters from the movie that we know and love lead the charge into the new age. So join us as we take a look at our heroes outside the parameters of the silver screen, May The Force Be With You.

That Time I Didn't Get Arrested: Con Stories Saturday 6pm, Panel 3
Come gather round and listen to a few convention veterans share some of their more harrowing, exciting and entertaining stories from years and conventions past.

The Eleven Doctors: Nu Who vs. Classic Saturday 5pm, Panel 1
An analysis of the difference in themes, style, and content between the new and old series of Doctor Who

Since late 2010 the reboot of the popular girls series "My Little Pony" has become a huge phenomenon. The series brought to us from creator Lauren Faust (Known for her work on Powerpuff girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends) and toy company Hasbro has spawned an entirely new generation of unexpected fans, calling themselves bronys. Come join everypony as we discuss the series, it's fandom and why people just can't seem to get enough of this new take on an old show.

The Midas Touch: The Best Producers Sunday 1pm, Panel 2
Long before any show has a director, actors, or special effects, it has producers and writers. This panel is an introduction to several producers you've never heard of (and a couple you probably have), and why you should pay attention to them.

The Necessary Use and Conventions of Loss In Video Games Saturday 4pm, Panel 3 The Analytical Couch Potato
Using the works of notable gaming theory authors like Mark J.P. Wolf, Jane McGonigal, Jesper Juul and more, this panel attempts to analyze the notion of loss in video games. Why make games so heavily based around winning and losing? What psychologically makes us more likely to play a game we've lost over and over, when in real life repeated failure means discouragement? The panel will use academic writings to justify game overs and loss screens from various notable games, including Donkey Kong Country, Rock Band, Super Monkey Ball and others.

Transformers Saturday 4pm, Panel 3
Despite the recent success of the movies, Transformers has been huge since the 80s. Join as we discuss every aspect of this massive fandom.

Trolllolololol: The art of trolling Saturday 12am, Panel 2
Have something on your mind that you need advice on? Maybe relationship advice or trouble at work? Well these guys are here to "help" you! That or ridicule your situation mercilessly and see how many jokes they can make at your expense.

Tron Friday 10pm, Panel 3 Lawrence Eng
An analysis of the deeper meanings and implications of the Tron universe as seen in the movies, such as the philsophy of a creator, the struggle for freedom, and the interaction of organic beings and digital space.

Use of Place in Folklore and Sin City Saturday 1pm, Panel 1 Custodians of Otakudom
A look at the classic story telling convention of location, it's historical use, and its adaptation into Frank Miller's "Sin City".

Vampires in Japanese Media Friday 7pm, Panel 1 Patrick Drazen
Stories of vampires and vampire like creatures have existed in the Japanese mythos for longer than you would guess, and show up all over the place in novels, manga, anime, movies, and television.

Venture BrosFriday 6pm, Panel 2
Possibly the best show ever put on cartoon network. We will be discussing what makes this show so great from the writing, the characters, the use of referencing, the music, and everything else that makes this one of the highest quality shows on tv.

Video games that changed the game Friday 7pm, Panel 3
In history certain video game changed things a bit more than others. Some could argue one game or another but in this case there is a breakdown of 20+ games and how they changed things forever for better or worse.

Video gaming in Japan Sunday 1pm, Panel 3
Video Games in America have become a driving entertainment industry. Call of Duty alone is the biggest media release of all time. So what does Japan the grand daddy of video gaming do with their creations. Do they play the same games, or do they prefer others. What do they think about western games? Come and chat about video gaming in Japan and see what the truth is.

Villains in Not Anime Saturday 4pm, Panel 2
Who are the greatest villains in everything not anime? What separates a great villain from a poor one? This questions will be answered in this interactive panel.

Vocaloid Saturday 11am, Panel 2
What is Vocaloid? How do you do MMD? Are there really concerts that feature holograms? And whats's up with Toyota and Miku? Join this panel and share your love of Vocaloid, or learn something if you're a new fan.

Warhammer 40k Lore Friday 9pm, Panel 3
Warhammer 40k 101: Have you ever wanted to get involved in Warhammer 40k but have been too confused or scared to dive in? Has a friend or loved one become obsessed with 40k and started ranting to themselves about Fast Attack and Heavy Support choices? Are you just someone who wants to see what all the fuss is about? Fortunately Kalpar of I Smell Sheep and Kalpar's Arsenal is here to give a basic introduction to the rich fandom that is 40k. Beginners and newbies are encouraged to attend.

Western Literature: The Storey Behind the Story Saturday 6pm, Panel 2
Every great story has a great backstory. Ever wonder why every character Hemingway created was an absolute badass or what shaped Vonnegut's writing style into the most absurd examples of dark comedy? Come find out what pushed the greatest English language authors to pen their immortal works.

Zombies!!! Saturday 11pm, Panel 1


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