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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos


We are always looking for more pictures of our two karate girls! If you wish to contribute, send your pictures of the girls to artists@animepunch.org and if we like what we see we'll use them in our program guide, in our advertisements, on our website, or on our badges! Of course we'll check with you first and give you an art credit in our program guide. No matter what, we'll upload them to this page so everyone can see your glorious rendition of our two epic warriors!

The Girls:
Both girls are karate white-belts with a traditional karate uniform. Below are the guidelines that must be met. Otherwise, the style is up to you!

17–19 years old, straight blue/black hair. She is more serious and quiet, but by no means short tempered or angry. She uses either a long Japanese sword, or dual pistols.

11–13 years old. More energetic and outgoing, but not hyper or idiotic. Penny has brown pigtails, freckles, and a smile. She tends to tie the top for her uniform around her waist. Her weapons of choice are handfuls of knives or bombs that she flings in the general direction of whoever she is fighting.

Fanart Gallery!

Click on thumbnails for full-sized versions.

AP! Girls 1 - By Zoroko AP! Girls 2 - By Zoroko AP! Girls 3 AP! Girls 4 AP! Girls 5 AP! Girls 6 AP! Girls 7 AP! Girls 8 AP! Girls 9 AP! Girls 10 AP! Girls 11 AP! Girls 12 AP! Girls 13 AP! Girls 14 AP! Girls 15 AP! Girls 16 AP! Girls 18 AP! Girls 19 AP! Girls 21 AP! Girls 22 AP! Girls 23 AP! Girls 24 AP! Girls 25 Penny - By Savannah AP! Girls - By Sarah AP! Girls - By Mizuko AP! Girls - By Rin AP! Girls - By Sarah AP! Girls - By Pat Rogers


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