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Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

There are many ways to arrive at Anime Punch, but which is best for you?

The address of the hotel is:
4900 Sinclair Road
Columbus, Ohio, US of A, 43229
Telegraph: 1-614-849-0300
Telephone Exchange: Caroline-875

By Car
From I-71 Southbound (Cleveland, Toledo, Michigan, etc.)
1) Drive towards Columbus from somewhere North of Columbus on I-71
2) Take the Sinclair Road/(might also say Morse road exit) (not numbered, but just after mile marker 117)
3) Turn right off the exit onto Sinclair Road (you can see the hotel, FYI)
4) Turn right again as hard as you can.
5) Rejoyce.

*For people coming from Michigan, the best way to get to I-71 S is to take I75 South to Findlay, head over to US-68/OH-15 and take OH-15 to US-23 until it hits I-270. Follow the signs for 71 S.
**Others from Michigan swear by taking I-75 to Us-68 S to us-33 E. From there take I-270 S until it hits I-70 E and follow the Eastbound Directions.

From I-71 Northbound (Cincinnati, Kentucky, Atlanta, etc.)
1) Get yourself onto I-71 North by any means necessary
2) Take Exit 116 for Morse Rd toward Sinclair Road
3) Get into the middle lane on the exit.
4) Go left onto Morse, and then immediately right onto Sinclair Road.
5) Do not accidentally stop at the gas station or get back on the highway.
6) Turn right into the hotel parking lot. You've been able to see the hotel the entire time.
7) Modestly congratulate yourself on having greater tribulations to overcome than the southbound drivers.

From I-70 Eastbound (Dayton, Indy, Chicago, etc.)
1) Be on I-70 E/Columbus OH.
2) Edge left onto I-670 when the highways split.
3) Take exit 5B to get onto I-71 North (this part is actually a bit difficult as there are like 10 exits all at once)
4) See the Northbound directions above, but in step 7 be a little more proud yet.

From I-70 Westbound (What the hell is there to the East? Wheeling maybe? Baltimore?)
1) From I-70 W take exit 101A to I-71 North
2) Follow the Northbound instructions above to the letter.

By Train
Should you be awesome enough to arrive by train, I must sadly admit that unfortunately there is no train station in Columbus. The closest Amtrak stations are in Cleveland, Toledo, or Cincinnati.

Should you arrive by space Train via the 999, 777, or the Galaxy Railways, we'll be happy to accomodate.

By Plane
Columbus' airport is Port Columbus International, and is located about 20 minutes Southeast of the hotel.

The hotel has an airport shuttle available by request

Here are the directions from the airport:

1) Head southeast on International Gateway
2) Slight left to stay on International Gateway
3) Slight right to stay on International Gateway
4) Merge onto I-670 W/US-62 S towards Columbus
5) Take exit 5 toward "Cleveland"
6) Merge onto I-71 N and follow Northbound instructions.

For more information about the airport, visit Columbus Regional Airport Authority.


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