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Sept 20th 2014
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Naruto: Road to Ninja - Filmscreening
Aug 29th, 31st, Sept 2nd
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Aug 25th, 2014
9pm - 2am

Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

This convention has stuff for everyone to do, from children to adults. We have plenty of family-friendly programming, and do our best to ensure that children do not find their way into more adult-oriented events. This con does have one or two strictly 18+ events, but that does not mean your kids won't be able to have a good time at our convention. We have plenty for everyone!

It is your responsibility to chaperone your kids, not ours. We do our best to make sure the convention is safe, and we strive for an environment where you are able to let them loose, but we don't baby-sit. Likewise, we don't tell parents how to do their jobs. We trust you to trust your children, and if you set them loose at our con, it's between you and them what they go to and don't go to. We have the schedule available ahead of time so you know what to expect, so be sure to talk to your kids about what is ok and not ok to go to. It should be noted that we don't censor for bad language, and don't always explicitly check ID's at the door of more mature themed events. Many parents are ok with their children and teenagers attending our events, but if you are unsure of something, or cannot trust your child to heed your restrictions, then it is your job to escort them.

Note: While we appreciate our younger attendees, have space set aside for them, and enjoy everyone's company, the goal of this convention is to be geared towards an older audience, both in intellect and interests. The hallways and kid-safe video room will be held to a "PG" level. The rest of the convention will run at an adult level. Discussions will not be dumbed down to the younger crowd, nor to the lowest common denominator of fandom. Mature topics will not be glossed over, adult language will not be disallowed, the non-kid-safe video rooms will not be censored for violence, nudity, or sexuality. The video listing will be labeled with content advisories where available, and graphic sex will not be displayed in non-age-checked rooms, but otherwise there will be no barrier to entry. None of the panels will be restricted or censored in terms of spoken content. Younger fans are invited, but be advised that we do not dumb anything down or censor anything on their behalf. If you have any questions, ask on the forums, or at parents@animepunch.org.

Tip for staying in contact with a child.
Hotels can be something of a labyrinth of cellphone dead zones. As such, it is can be nearly impossible to get ahold of your kid when you want to, and in the interest of having as few anxious parents as possible, we recommend that you set up a system with your children that requires them to periodically check in with you, thus ensuring that contact is possible at least once every few hours. Please keep in mind also that phones tend to rapidly lose battery power while in flakey signal areas, so make sure that everyone is equipped with a charger. In the event that you need a kid found NOW, we are always more than happy to deploy a swift and thorough search and recover force throughout the convention space. It is not uncommon for a kid to get so wrapped up in things that they forget to check in.

24 Hour fun!

We will make sure that at every hour of the day there will be something you can do with your entire family. One of our video rooms will be entirely child-friendly, so even at 4am, you'll have a safe refuge for your children.

For more info on our general policies, please refer to them here.


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