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Sept 20th 2014
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Naruto: Road to Ninja - Filmscreening
Aug 29th, 31st, Sept 2nd
Upcoming Activities
Aug 25th, 2014
9pm - 2am

Nerd Night @ Ruby's: Time Traveling Duos

Revoluticon Wants You!

We are always seeking new soldiers to join the cause. If you are intelligent, capable, and responsible, you could be that soldier! Your path will not be an easy, but with great responsibility comes great power. Our staff gain superpowers (this is all scientifically documented and peer-reviewed) and are rewarded in the best way - through epic parties and great times.

Not ready for the commitment?

Be a gopher! By volunteering to do the tasks we can't afford to set full staffers on, you can gain free access to the convention and the eternal respect of your peers for helping put on a great show.

Email: staffing@animepunch.org to begin the adventure of a life time!

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